Spots For Potential Celebrity Sightings In New York City

Spots For Potential Celebrity Sightings In New York CitySpots For Potential Celebrity Sightings In New York City.

Rockefeller Center.


Live TV tapings.

On sites like 1iota and Showclix you can get free tickets to upcoming tapings for shows such as The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon or The Daily Show with Trevor Noah . These tickets go very fast, and sometimes have to be reserved over a month in advance, so make sure to follow your favorite show on Twitter to see when tickets will be released.

Broadway show.

More often than not, a Broadway show will feature a celebrity or two. While tickets can get really expensive, there are rush, lotteries and standing-room spots for almost every show. The stage door greeting is a tradition many stars take part in, as a way to say thank you to the fans who came to see the show. After the curtain closes, and before you head home, walk to the stage door (usually right near the entrance or down the closest alley) and get an autograph on your playbill.

Film premieres.

While New York City may not have as many film premieres as Los Angeles or London, it still hosts a few. It’s difficult to find out what is being filmed when, but if you’re savvy enough and search Twitter for posts about upcoming premieres, you can at least go as a fan and stand by the red carpet. There are many film festivals throughout the year, including the New York Film Festival and the Tribeca Film Festival, that have red carpets, as well.

Brooklyn Heights.

Head to the swankiest part of Brooklyn and walk around until you spot a star. There’s a long list of celebrities who own property in Brooklyn Heights. It’s the neighborhood that borders Brooklyn Bridge Park, and it has the best views of lower Manhattan, so it’s no wonder why many celebs settle down there. In Brooklyn Heights, it isn’t hard to bump into famous people at the grocery store or in the dog park.


Celebrities need to enter and exit the airport the same way as everyone else, and the airports in New York City (and New Jersey) are spots they are most likely to fly into. It’s probably best not to bother a celebrity as he or she is trying to navigate an airport, especially after a long flight, but if you see a pack of paparazzi flashing their cameras, you know there’s a famous person somewhere in the vicinity.

Film sets.

While a lot of television shows and films set in New York Cityaren’t actually filmed there, many are. For those who want to know who’s filming and where, On Location Vacations has the daily hook up. Sometimes it’s possible to even walk through while filming is taking place, if the crew doesn’t mind additional extras.

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