OLV’s Field Guide to Celebrity Sighting: NYC; Now Available!

OLV’s Field Guide to Celebrity Sighting: NYC; Now Available!‘OLV’s Field Guide to Celebrity Sighting: NYC’ Now Available!

Have you ever wondered how the paparazzi, and some dedicated fans, always seem to find celebrities in NYC? Now, with the help of OLV’s Field Guide to Celebrity Sighting: New York City , you’ll be able to find them, too!

This e-book has been in the works for a long time and I am so excited to finally unveil it!

What started out as a FAQ page for OnLocationVacations.com (OLV) has turned into a comprehensive guide for the fan on the go, filled with all of the site’s best tips and tricks for finding celebs in the Big Apple.

OLV’s first field guide not only provides details about where you can see celebs, but also practical information explaining what to do when you get there so you can make the most of your celebrity “stalking” experience. It even includes “Difficulty Levels” , “Quick Tips” , and a Glossary of terms you’ll need to be “in the know.”

Field Guide is a must read for anyone who wants to know how to see stars in-person at talk shows , charity events , film festivals , movie premieres , TV sets, and more! For those of you who want to see yourselves on the big screen, there is also a chapter explaining how you can be an extra .

For those who don’t want to spend a whole day tracking down celebrities, I’ve included some of OLV’s reader’s favorite fool proof, celeb-centric locations – like the Ed Sullivan Theater (where David Letterman tapes his show), Broadway Theaters , and GMA’s Studio in Times Square . For the more experienced celeb spotters, there are tips for finding out where movie premieres are taking place, which neighborhoods celebs frequent , and, of course, how to find movies and TV shows shooting around town .

Regular readers and contributors already know that OLV is the ultimate resource for filming locations , events , and celebrity sightings , and now I am bringing all of that info to the masses!

And, thanks to OLV, searching for celebrities in NYC isn’t just a pastime for locals anymore, but a tourist movement . Whether you’ve lived in New York your entire life or you’re planning a first time visit, OLV’s Field Guide has something for everyone!

Finally, for OLV’s regular readers who ask what you can do to help the site out, buy a copy of this e-book ! I will be using the proceeds to grow the site so it’s even easier to search, share, and find information.

So, who is this e-book for?

-Anyone who wants to meet a celebrity. -Anyone looking for fun, free activities in New York City. -Anyone bored with the usual NYC tourist websites and books. This is a new kind of guide book for a new kind of traveler. -Anyone who wants an easily searchable NYC guide including valuable links, addresses, and timelines. -OLV’s regular readers who might pick up a few new tips. -Newbies who want the inside scoop about where celebs work, live, and hang out in New York City.

OK, now that you know why you have to have OLV’s Field Guide , here’s how you can buy it:

-Purchase OLV’s e-book for $4.99 via Amazon Don’t have a Kindle? You can download a Kindle App for your smartphone, tablet, or PC. -Purchase OLV’s e-book for $4.99 via Barnes & Noble -Purchase OLV’s e-book for $4.99 via iTunes – Coming Soon! In the meantime, you can get the Kindle App for your iPhone or iPad.

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