FanAlert: Where to Most Likely Spot a Celebrity in New York City

FanAlert: Where to Most Likely Spot a Celebrity in New York City#FanAlert: Where to Most Likely Spot a Celebrity in New York City.

The Polo Bar – 1 E 55 th St, New York, NY 10022.

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So you want a burger and fries in Manhattan? Easy peasy. So you want a burger and fries at Ralph Lauren’s super-hyped fancy-schmancy restaurant? Not so easy peasy. But if you hang around The Polo Bar’s doors long enough, which are treated like the freaking gates of heaven, you might catch a celeb, because the place is crawling with them. It seems like every media site with a computer and a pulse wrote about all the bigwigs who dine at The Polo Bar. There might as well be a force field surrounding the stylish eatery, because unless you’re an A-lister or have been on its lengthy wait list for a million years, it’s almost impossible to get in. Grub Street reported that the prestigious likes of Tom Hanks, Bradley Cooper, Diane von Furstenberg, Charlie Rose, and Martha Stewart have all enjoyed a night out at The Polo Bar. And just because your best friend’s cousin’s girlfriend was in that show that one time probably doesn’t mean you’ll be catching your own table there anytime soon.

Central Park – New York, NY.

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Ah, Central Park. Who doesn’t like Central Park? It’s one of the few places you can find calmness and serenity in the stress-inducing, anxiety-ridden, fast-paced concrete jungle that is our beloved New York City. And yes, we know that putting “Central Park” on this list seems super lazy, considering it covers a whopping 843 acres of the city, but stay with us, we’ll give you some specifics. Author Jeryl Brunner had interviewed hundreds of celebrities on their favorite spots in New York City for her 2011 book My City, My New York: Famous New Yorkers Share Their Favorite Places , Central Park being a popular pick. Singer, actress, and glorious gay icon Bette Midler is a fan of the scenic Conservatory Garden, Liev Schreiber and Alex Rodriguez are fond of the Central Park Zoo, and Kelly Ripa can be found at the Victorian Gardens Amusement Park in the summer months. Other celebrities such as Glenn Close, Al Roker, and Tina Fey also shared their love for Central Park in Brunner’s book. amNewYork disclosed that longtime New Yorker, Lady Gaga herself, absolutely loves the John Lennon Memorial, partially due to the fact that she grew up on the Upper West Side, right near Strawberry Fields in Central Park. You also have a decent shot of seeing stars such as self-deprecating comedian John Mulaney, Josh Groban, or really any Upper West Sider (Madonna, Bruce Willis, etc.) strolling through the gorgeous walkways of Central Park.

Bar Pitti – 268 6 th Ave, New York, NY 10014.

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