Celeb Spotting: Where To See Celebs Around Tribeca

Celeb Spotting: Where To See Celebs Around TribecaCeleb Spotting: Where To See Celebs Around Tribeca.


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New Yorkers famously ignore celebrities, opting to give them their privacy instead of swarming them for autographs. But that doesn’t mean we all don’t get a little starstruck. And here in Tribeca, we see a lot of celebs. Check out these hot spots and potentially sneak a peek at a popular face.

Nobu Downtown.

This chain of super high-end Japanese-Peruvian fusion restaurants draws celebrities to its locations around the world. The downtown outpost is partially owned by Robert De Niro , and countless celebs including Katie Holmes, Jamie Foxx, and Jennifer Lawrence have been spotted dining there.

Bubby’s Tribeca.

A neighborhood staple, Bubby’s serves one of the best brunches in town, alongside a menu that’s largely classic American. This is another popular dining spot for celebrities in New York, including those such as Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin, local resident Jessica Biel, and Taylor Swift.

Locanda Verde.

This popular and gleaming Tribeca restaurant specializes in rustic Italian food, and its fancy dining room has seen a number of celebrity diners over the year. Among the iconic celebrities who have been spotted at Locanda Verde, there’s Jay-Z and Beyonce, Bradley Cooper, as well as Amal and George Clooney.

Walking Around.

Honestly, most celebrity sightings that take place in Tribeca happen just walking around the street. While the odds aren’t great that you’ll see someone recognizable on a given walk, they are higher here than most neighborhoods in the world, especially with local residents like Jay Z, Beyonce, Meryl Streep, and Billy Crystal.

The Tribeca Film Festival.

The one place in the neighborhood where you’re actually guaranteed to see celebrities, is at the esteemed Tribeca Film Festival. Another project by the illustrious and ever-talented Robert De Niro, the festival annually draws a fresh roster of the many of the world’s best actors and filmmakers. You can catch them at screenings, panels, discussions, and more.

April 24 – May 5.

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