7 Best Places to Spot a Celebrity in TriBeCa

7 Best Places to Spot a Celebrity in TriBeCa7 Best Places to Spot a Celebrity in TriBeCa.

These are some sure shots places in TriBeCa to have a brush with celebrity.

New York is a bastion of celebrity sightings. You see famous people walking down the street, eating in restaurants, clubbing it up. And if there’s one neighborhood you’re sure to see a celeb, it’s TriBeCa, home to enough stars to be its own galaxy. Here are some sure shots to have a brush with celebrity.

Long a prime celebrity sighting spot, Bubby’s is one of the places to go for brunch or lunch in Tribeca. Order some pancakes or a grilled ham-and-cheese sandwich, and keep your eyes peeled. Wait, is that TriBeCa resident Taylor Swift sitting across the room?

Located inside the Robert De Niro-co-owned Greenwich Hotel, chef Andrew Carmellini’s Locanda Verde is a celebrity magnet. The famous and infamous may gravitate here because of Mr. De Niro or due to its corner location but the heavenly pastas are the real draw. Local residents Jay Z and Beyoncé are regulars.

Mr. Chow Tribeca.

A magnet for the rich and famous, Mr. Chow serves above-average (and pricey) Chinese fare. You have to be an A-lister’s bank account balance to be a regular here. Or at least have an expense account. The front room really lights up with stars during the annual TriBeCa Film Festival.

Once a sure thing to spot a star, Nobu Downtown still shines bright with a constellation of stars chowing down on sushi or the restaurant’s signature miso-marinated black cod. After all, Robert De Niro is part owner still. But you might also run into Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Lawrence, Lady Gaga, or Jeremy Piven, among many others.

Opened in 1980, this casual Parisian-like bistro has been a late-night celebrity haunt ever since. For a long time, it was the place to see and be seen. Not so anymore but because of its past reputation and its location in the heart of TriBeCa, you can still manage to spot a celebrity indulging in some steak frites or a croque madame from time to time.

When the TriBeCa film festival is on, Los Angeles-based celebs flock to New York. Many of them stay at the AKA, thanks to its close proximity to the festival events. Hang out at the sleek AKA Lobby Bar in late April and early May – when the festival takes place – and if you think you see someone who looks like Reese Witherspoon, it probably is Reese Witherspoon.

Celebrities like to eat at home too. And the TriBeCa outpost of Whole Foods is the favored place for the rich and famous to restock their plus-sized pantries and fridges with organic kale and kombucha. Well-known TriBeCa residents who you may encounter pushing carts here here, include Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence, Justin Timberlake, Meg Ryan, Beyonce and Jay Z.

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