4 Top Celebrity Hair Salons in New York City

4 Top Celebrity Hair Salons in New York City4 Top Celebrity Hair Salons in New York City.

Look like a star.

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Do you covet the hairstyle of your favorite celebrity? Then why not get your hair cut and colored at the celebrity-frequented New York City (NYC) hair salons where the stars themselves go?

Manhattan is home to a slate of celebrity hairstylists who regularly make supermodels, movie stars, and magazine models look gorgeous. Sure, you’ll pay a fortune for a star-quality hairstyle, but you might spot Uma Thurman, Julia Roberts, Eddie Vedder, or Jake Gyllenhaal in the chair beside you. Read on for the four top celebrity hair salons in NYC.

Suite 303.



Want a rock star haircut? Visit April Barton’s NoHo salon, tucked away unassumingly behind a neighborhood optic shop. Suite 303’s clients have included Elvis Costello, Eddie Vedder, Adrien Brody, Jake Gyllenhaal, and the boys from Oasis and U2.

Note that haircuts are by appointment only.

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