19 Must-see Attractions in New York City

19 Must-see Attractions in New York City19 Must-see Attractions in New York City.

Whether you’re a longtime local or a regular visitor, you can never truly see all New York City has to offer. That’s why we’ve rounded up 20 New York attractions everyone should witness at least once. From a rooftop farm to world-famous museums, from iconic parks to the best date-night destinations, these spots are some of the must see attractions in New York City.

People at Brooklyn Flea market in DUMBO, New York. Brooklyn Flea runs several of the largest flea markets on the East Coast of the United States. | © Goran Bogicevic / Shutterstock.

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If you’re lucky enough to explore the city in the summertime, your go-to weekend destination should be Smorgasburg. A foodie fantasy realized, this culinary market invites attendees to eat their way through the best of New York’s food scene: from trendy churro ice cream sandwiches to traditional Latin mofongo, Korean street snacks and plant-based junk food – Smorgasburg offers something for every appetite.

Opening day at Smorgasburg in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC, an outdoor market for food lovers. | © Allen.G / Shutterstock.


One of many ethnic enclaves in New York City, Koreatown stands out for the unique offerings of its shops and restaurants. K-beauty boutiques, Korean bookshops, and spots serving up bubble tea, Korean pastries, and more line this one block-stretch of over 100 small businesses.

Street scene of Koreatown in Midtown of Manhattan, New York City, USA | © Bruce Yuanye Bi / Alamy Stock Photo.

Williamsburg Bridge.

Today, the Brooklyn Bridge is as iconic as it is crowded with street vendors, police security, and selfie stick-wielding tourists. Plan your next walk for the less-congested Williamsburg Bridge, which offers similarly stellar views of both the Manhattan and Brooklyn skylines. Running between Williamsburg, Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan, the bridge promises walkers plenty of restaurants, bars, and parks at either end of their journey.

Williamsburg Bridge in New York City as seen from the edge of Williamsburg neighborhood in Brooklyn. | © Ryan DeBerardinis / Shutterstock.

Brooklyn Grange’s Rooftop Farms.

A natural space with a cosmopolitan edge, Brooklyn Grange’s Rooftop Farms offer visitors the best of two worlds. Operating on two rooftops in Brooklyn and Queens, Brooklyn Grange grows over 50,000 pounds of organic produce each year while also hosting creative cooking workshops, hands-on group dinners, and evening yoga classes.

Urban rooftop vegetable garden. | © YuRi Photolife / Shutterstock.

Artists and Fleas.

This payday, forego Fifth Avenue in favor of the more bohemian Artists and Fleas, a shopping destination showcasing diverse independent businesses. Emphasizing local talents, the bazaar hosts sellers of vintage clothing, artisan bodycare products and home goods, hand-crafted jewelry, and more. With outposts in Williamsburg, Chelsea, and Soho, shopping small is easier— and more stylish— than ever before thanks to Artists and Fleas.

Books and Artists and Fleas, Chelsea Market, Manhattan, New York City. | © ivodukic / Shutterstock.

Central Park, New York City. | © Alan SCHEIN / Alamy Stock Photo.

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